F1 Hybrid Glutinous Corn Seed HN68

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F1 Hybrid Glutinous Corn Seed HN68

  • Growth time: 65-85 days from sowing to harvest

  • Yield: Potential for yield of fresh corn from 14-16 tons/ha.

  • Characteristics: Plant length of 160-180 cm, ear insertion height of 75-90 cm. Leaves remain in dark green and durable until harvest. Ear is purple, 16-18 cm in length, 4.5- 5.2 cm in diameter, fully covered by purple husks. Rows of kernels are straight, even and smooth. Number of rows of kernels/ear is 16-18, number of kernels/row is 30-35. Good resistance to falling, moderate resistance to major pests and diseases, wide adaptability

  • Quality: Fresh consumption is delicious (sticky - sweet - tasty - fragrant)