Vinaseed Corporation


VINASEED do the best to become the leading Group in providing agricultural development solutions in Vietnam


With all responsibilities and emotions to human life and society,  VINASEED commits to provide every solutions for sustainable development of agriculture so as to realize farmer’s dream of improving income and living conditions.

Core values

Dynamics -  Creativity - Professionalism

Outstanding Technology

Breeding, Selecting and Producing Crop Seed Technology

Vinaseed is one of the first science and technology enterprise in Vietnam seed industry, leading in research, application and technology transfer by outstanding and innovation solutions for market orientation. The research infrastructure system is cuting-edge a long with a strong human resources including TOP agricultural experts, more than 1,000 employees (80% of whom have university and postgraduate degrees) and fully master the advanced breeding technology in the world, such as hybrid seed production technology, agricultural production technology 4.0.


Main Business Area

Research, select, produce and trade seed

Vinaseed focus on research, develop products with high yield, outstanding quality, and adapting with global climate change, reaching to international standards of safe and quality products.

Realizing dream of Elevating Vietnamese agriculture

Vinaseed makes every effort to pursue perfection and continue improve product's quality and operation system, bringing to the Vietnamese people the greatest value-added products with reasonable price and safe for human health.

Our News

The processing center is invested on an area of 5 hectares, with modern Japanese processing lines. Seed processing capability of 30 tons / hour, rice processing capability of 30 tons / hour, Total investment capital of 1st phase is about 350 billion dong.