• OM6976 is recognized as the National rice by Ministry of Agriculure and Rural Development. This variety with high ferreous microquantity has prospects for cultivation in different eco-regions nationwide.
  • Maturity: Spring season from 125 to 130 days in the Red River Delta and Northern Midlands; Mua season from 100 to 105 days. (If it’s direct sowing, maturity is shortened from 3 to 5 days). In the Northern Central, maturity will be shortened from 3 to 5 days compared to Red River Delta. In Southern Central, Spring-winter season will be 105-110 days, Summer-Autumn will be 95-100 days and Mekong River Delta will be 95-100 days.
  • Stem height from 95-100cm; nice appearance; hard stalks; clustering big ears and dense panicles; strong resistance to BPH, blast, grassy stunt and ragged stunt.
  • High and stable protential yield in both seasons: Winter-Spring season: 9-10 tons/ha and Summer-Autumn seasons: 7-7.5 tons/ha. Weight of 1000 grains: 25-26 grams.
  • Transparent and less chalkiness grains; cooked rice is soft after cooling. Seed is from the big ear variety, widely adaptive in 3 regions North, Central and South and compatible with many soil types from alluvial to heavy acidic soils. 

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