Vinaseed Commitment

Vinaseed always ensures benefits of all stakeholders; building and developing the relationship based on the criterion to meet long-term benefits for all parties. This relationship is maintained based on trust, transparency and given prominence of the ethical values of business. Surveys and listening to opinions from stakeholders help Vinaseed to understand their expectations and interest reflected in the business operations as well as marketing and communications campaigns of the company

 Customers  With the Customer-centred point of view, Vinaseed always promotes research activities to develop the optimal products, meeting the maximum demands of Customers.
 Shareholders  Vinaseed commitment is to fully implement rights of the Investors according to the current regulations of law as well as to comply with the relevant rules and regulations. We are aware of the requirement to provide information to shareholders and investors fully, transparently, promply and continuously, and implement many solutions to meet communications to shareholders.
 Business partners  Vinaseed always respects all business Partners and expects to preserve this sustainable relationship as well based on the harmony of stakeholders’ benefits.
 Employees Vinaseed highly appreciates the human factor and regards it as the leading factor in the company success. Hence, the company policy is building an active professional working environment to facilitate the development of all employees, and ensuring competitive equitable treatment regulations for all employees in the company.
 Government  Vinaseed commits to comply with the law for transparent, public and effective business and to fully implement duty to the State budget.
 Community  Vinaseed is voluntary to implement social contributions with the whole emotion and responsibility itself for the community development.

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