Vietnam is one of 10 countries most affected by the climate change and successive natural disasters and farmers, whose subprime poor rates remain high, are the most heavily suffered subjects from frequent crop failures. Operating in the field of seed supplying, the company ascertains that sustainable development needs to combine economic growth goals with social development, environmental protection so as to harmonize interests among all stakeholders so that contributing to the development of the community.

Sustainability is not a new issue in Vietnam but there are still few enterprises implement and integrate this into their development strategies. Vinaseed is well aware of the importance of Sustainability and has set it as a central element in the business strategies.

We believe that it will contribute to add more value and create the next successes of the Company. Vinaseed reports of Sustainability have been done pursuant to the Criteria of the Global Reporting Initiative Organization (GRI) and IFC’s sustainability reporting guidelines, addressing fully the impact of the sustainability model that is the cohered growth of Economy-Society-Environment and of relevant parties.

In Vinaseed, we determine that sustainability is the responsibility of not only the company’s leaders but also the joint effort of all Vinaseed members.

Sustainability has been performed thoroughly in the whole Company from the Board of Directors to Executive Board, branches, affiliated factories and authority offices of the Company as follows:

 Board of Directors  Issuing and executing strategies of sustainability in the entire company.
 Executive Board  Implementing sustainability in all actual operations of the company through building specific goals for each office/functional Board, branches and affiliated factories.
  Branches, affiliated factories  Implementing sustainability in actual operations of branches, affiliated factories: building goals, implementing and controlling outcomes of each unit to report the parent Company.
 Offices  Implementing all operations towards sustainability according to the plans and targets drawn from the beginning of the year. 

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