Vision and Mission


Vinaseed do the best to become the leading Group in providing agricultural development solutions in Vietnam.


With all responsibilites and emotions to human life and society, Vinaseed commits to provide every solution for sustainable development of agriculture so as to realize farmer dream for their income and living conditions improvement.

Core values:

Dynamics: When integration becomes an indispensable trend and science and technology are dynamics to promote the development of society, we continue our great effort to make different in products and services in order to adapt with social changes and to improve the basic competitive capacity of the company.

Creativeness: Understanding creativeness as a driving force for the company development, we always encourage employees and create an environment where they can offer creative and breakthrough solutions, continuously experience new unique ideas that helps developing a high technology-driven sustainable agriculture and increasing the crop seed value under the direction of technological integration and innovation.

Professionalism: By the slogan “Leading by professionalism”, we keep our great effort to optimize all activities of the company by focusing on the main lines of business; completing quality and working performance; building an administrative system with publicity, transparency, synchronization and consistency in compliance to international standards; and directing staff to work in the industrial, scientific and disciplinary manner as well as to strive constantly for knowledge, sense of responsibility and spirit of cooperation.

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