Our Partners

  1. Vinaseed has focused investment on research and application of scientific and technical advances. Especially, we have cooperated with Institutes, Universities and Research Institutions to make new crops to meet production development requirements. The partnership organizations include:
    • Academy of Vietnam Agricultural Sciences (VAAS)
    • Hanoi Agriculture University I (HAU).
    • Agricultural Genetics Institute.
    • Field Crops Institute.
    • Sichuan University of Agriculture – China.
    • Domestic and Foreign scientists ...
  2. The company now has a cooperative relationship in research, survey, presentation, application and transfer of scientific and technical advances of Seed production with the international companies and organisations:
  • Member of the Asia Pacific Seed Association (APSA)
  • Member of Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia Economics Cooperation Assosiation.
  • Scientific and Technical Application, Trade and Research Cooperation with companies in India and China such as:
    • Shengyu Seed Co.,Ltd – Sichuan – China
    • Chuannong Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd – Sichuan – China
    • Wanqian Seed Co.,Ltd – Nanning City- China
    • Fengle Seed Co.,Ltd – Anhui – China
    • Winall Hi-Tech Seed Co.,Ltd – Anhui – China
    • Advanta Seed Co.,Ltd - India

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